One new and creative solution to the distracted driving epidemic can be found in the form of applications for Android and Apple phones that disable the phone’s texting function when it is in motion.  Ocean County has teamed with the maker of one such application, MobileLock, and is offering 500 free vouchers for the download and installation of the product.  The vouchers can be picked up on a first come first serve basis at police stations throughout Ocean County.  If the program is met with a positive response, in hopes, it will be expanded to other parts of the State.

If you live outside of Ocean County or the vouchers are all claimed, you can purchase the MobileLink application in the Android and Apple marketplaces for $5 – a small cost considering that it may save the priceless lives of loved ones or others.  Ocean County is not specifically endorsing MobileLink and there are a number of similar applications available, some of which are free of cost.

Whatever stops you or your loved ones from contributing to the distracted driving epidemic, be it education, a phone application or the desire to avoid serious criminal and civil penalties, now is the time to put down the phone when you are behind the wheel.