Bus accident victims often suffer significant injuries which may be caused in part due to a lack of seat belts.  I recently represented a woman who was seriously injured when the bus she was occupying was struck in the rear by another bus.  The woman sustained a serious brain injury when she was thrown from her seat within the bus.  Evidence in that case showed that the striking bus was negligent for its failure to keep a safe distance from the bus in front of it.

In the recent Calvary Coach charter bus accident in Boston, Massachusetts involving a group of students from Bristol, Pennsylvania, dozens of people were injured.  The accident is currently under investigation, but initial reports indicate that the driver might have been distracted and looking at his GPS, and failed to realize that he was on a section of roadway with a restricted height limit.

More and more and more people are taking buses each year because of the high cost of air travel. But, in order to keep up with the demand and increase profit, some bus companies are failing their basic duty to keep their passengers safe.  They are failing to hire and train qualified drivers, failing to follow federal and state regulations, and failing to maintain their buses in safe working condition.