Watch the actions of drivers.  Report misconduct, violations and poor driving behaviors.

Many trucking companies post 1-800 numbers on their vehicles which permit you to report misconduct and poor driving behaviors.  These are the “how am I doing” hotlines that we see most every day.  If you see a problem, report it!

The Federal Government takes the conduct of the trucking industry seriously, and it is the responsibility of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to oversee and regulate the industry.  The Administration maintains a toll-free number, known as the “Motor Carrier Safety Hotline” which is open to submit reports of actual or potential violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations.  The number is 1-888-DOT-SAFT (368-7238).

Complaints can also be logged via the Safety Violation/Consumer Household Goods Commercial Complaint Website.

Do your part to hold trucking companies and other big businesses accountable!

We all have opportunities to make a difference.  If you or someone you love are involved in an accident with a big truck, stand up for your rights.  Seek the assistance of experienced counsel who will take the company to task.  If you are called for jury service, do your civic duty.

Remember: Accidents don’t “just happen”. They are caused by bad decisions and bad corporate policies.  The only thing which will force trucking companies and other big businesses to change those bad policies and bad decisions, is if we, the public, hold them accountable.