What is the impact of trucking accidents?

The United States Department of Transportation recently estimated that over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year.

  • One person is injured or killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes.
  • Nearly 5,000 people are killed in truck accidents every year.
  • Nearly 98% of the time, it is the driver of the other vehicle who is killed in a truck accident.
  • Large trucks are more likely than other vehicle types to be involved in fatal, multi-car collisions.
  • Statistics show that the majority of fatal trucking accidents occur on weekdays and during daytime hours
  • Driving history may be a significant tool for predicting the risks posed by particular commercial drivers, as statistics show that approximately 27% of large truck drivers who were involved in fatal accidents had at least one prior speeding conviction.

What are the after effects from an accident?

The symptoms arising from an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident do not necessarily present themselves immediately following the accident. Medical research and clinical experience demonstrate that some delay in the onset of injury symptoms not only happens, it is in fact the norm.

Given the magnitude of the risks heavy trucks present to motorists, everyone should be concerned by these statistics.