WABC in New York reports that an East Harlem crossing guard has been suspended after a tractor-trailer struck and killed a 6 year old boy as he walked to school with his 10 year old brother.  The tragic accident reportedly occurred around 8:00 am at the corner of East 117th Street and First Avenue, where the crossing guard in question is generally stationed.  Crossing guards are allowed short breaks but must log in the times they leave and return, however the guard was not present at the time of the incident and she had not logged her whereabouts in accordance with standard procedure

Amazingly, the driver of the tractor trailer apparently did not realize he struck the boy and had to be flagged down a block away by a bystander who had witnessed the fatal collision.  The truck driver was reportedly cited for failing to use due care and failing to yield to a pedestrian.  Officials report that the boy was a first grader and was only a half block away from school at the time of the accident.   His brother reportedly did not suffer physical injury in the incident, but will undoubtedly bear the scars of this horrific tragedy as time moves forward.