The title of this blog may sound like the plot of a bad horror flick, but in this instance truth is stranger than fiction.  CNN reports that a 19 year old man is in custody after he stole a semi loaded with strawberries in Temecula, CA and subsequently crashed into several vehicles.  California Highway Patrol reported that the youth was under the influence of an unnamed substance which caused him to believe he was being chased by Zombies.  The 19 year old had apparently been riding with the trucker who had picked him up in Tennessee after the teen had been kicked out of his home.  Reports indicate that he took the truck while the driver was stopped at an inspection station and was filling out paperwork.  Several injuries were reported.

While the teen has been charged with multiple offenses, not the least of which is reckless driving, the facts bring a different set of questions to my mind.  For instance, how did this teenager come to be in a position to take this truck in the first place?  And how is it that the driver left a teenager in his truck with the keys (or with it running), when he was actively hallucinating?  Scary stuff.  Big trucks like this are no less dangerous in the wrong hands than a loaded weapon.  They have a very real ability to kill, which demands greater respect than these facts suggest the truck’s driver provided.