In an effort to reduce distracted driving, a private company based in California, “Telogis, Inc.”,, in partnership with another company called “Cellcontrol”, has reportedly developed a system which blocks driver’s access to apps and text messaging while they are operating their vehicles, and thereby “helps drivers resist the temptation to use mobile phones, laptops or tables while their vehicles are in motion”.    In a press release dated March 6, 2013, the company stated:

“Twenty-five percent of accidents are caused by using mobile phones while driving . . ..’  This solution gives customers the ability to effectively keep drivers from using their mobile phones to call, email, text or surf the Internet while the vehicle is in motion through a unique Bluetooth Trigger Unit coupled with a mobile application.  The Telogis distracted driving solution blocks unauthorized usage of company-issued or personal mobile devices including smartphones”

More information can be found at the company’s website: