The driver of a FedEx Tractor Trailer is lucky to be alive today after his truck was struck by a train at a railroad crossing in DeRidder, Louisiana.  Police released the dramatic video of the crash, which was captured by a local business operator’s surveillance cameras, in an effort to hi-light the importance of yielding the right of way to trains at rail crossings, and of the consequences of failing to do so.  A link to a news report filed by KCLTV embedding the video can be found here:

This dramatic accident calls attention to two critical issues for all motorists:

1)     Pay attention at railroad crossings.  The simple fact that there are no barrier arms deployed does NOT necessarily mean that there is no train approaching.  The crossing may have no barrier arms (like the one in the video), or they may be malfunctioning.  Use all of your senses, including your common sense, when you approach a railroad crossing.

2)     Tractor Trailer Drivers are professionals, but they do not always follow the rules.  When you see them, don’t assume that driver will act in a careful or prudent manner.