When you drive on the roadways in the United States and approach a bridge, you will generally see the vertical clearance for the bridge prominently displayed.  Ever wonder why?  One key reason is to alert tractor trailers and others operating large equipment to the question of whether or not they, and their load, will fit.  You would assume that a tractor trailer driver, who is supposed to be a professional driver, would be keenly alert to the rather obvious hazards of trying to squeeze oversized loads beneath a bridge, right?  Well, unfortunately, that is not always true. 

In Fontana, California not just one, but two tractor trailer drivers attempted to drive their loaded rigs beneath a bridge under construction on Interstate 10.  Neither was successful, despite the fact that the bridge clearance was prominently posted.  Fortunately no injuries were reported, but the results could easily have been a deadly crash.  And the incident itself is a chilling reminder to the extreme hazard we all face when tractor trailer drivers ignore the rules which govern them or otherwise fail to take their jobs seriously.

More details on this crash can be obtained from the following video: