The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) monitors data concerning truck accidents in the United States and uses that data to determine whether additional safety regulations are warranted.  Unfortunately, recent data show a disturbing trend.

Truck accident data for calendar year 2011 were recently released by the FMCSA.  They show over 3,300 people lost their lives in truck-related accidents, and another 60,000 individuals were injured. This reflects a 7% increase as compared to the data from 2010, and has caused the FMCSA to announce that additional safety regulations may be needed.  As a trucking accident lawyer, I whole-heartedly agree.

Review of the accident data reveal that speed-related issues were among the most common causes of collisions involving large trucks. As such, the FMCSA is reportedly now pushing for measures such as the installation and use of speed governors on commercial trucks.  Predictably, industry groups are pushing back and lobbying against additional restrictions and regulations.