Ever hear a story and say to yourself “that can’t be true”?  I had that experience recently while reading the news.

Reports out of Jersey City, NJ reveal that five passengers aboard a NJ Transit bus were injured when the bus was struck by a dump truck.  Amazingly, when the bus driver honked at the dump truck to signal for it to stop, the driver of the truck sped through a red light and fled the scene.  Fortunately, the recklessness of the trucker did not result in further accidents or injury.  However, I could not locate a report indicating that the dump truck was ever located.

It’s outrageous that anyone would act in such a callous and reckless manner.  But a commercial driver piloting a behemoth like a dump truck?!  Amazing.  If anyone has information on this trucker, I hope they come forward.  Help us all, but getting this guy off the road! The injured passengers were reportedly transported to nearby hospital for treatment.