September 9-15, 2018 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, according to the American Trucking Association (AMA). This week-long commemoration is held every September, and was selected to honor professional truck drivers for all their hard work and commitment assisting American businesses across the country. According to the AMA, there are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S., all of whom are working diligently to deliver products safely, securely, and on time across our nation.

The trucking industry delivers to our neighborhoods and businesses, and serves to both literally and metaphorically drive our economy forward, as it contributes to nearly $740 billion in revenue a year. As a result of this, approximately 80% of communities in America rely solely on trucking for the delivery of their goods. Without truck drivers on the road, products wouldn’t reach communities at the rate they do today, which would leave many people without the goods they need.

Through their tireless work, truck drivers travel over 4.5 billion collective miles per year. In spite of all this, many truck drivers are frequently not compensated fairly for the number of hours they are expected to remain on the road. This can lead to truck drivers operating in unsafe working conditions.

There isn’t one simple solution to this problem, but remembering the hard work that truck drivers do every day without fail is one start.

This week, try to take time and thank a truck driver for all of the dedicated work they do every day.