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Trucking Legislation Update: “FAST Act” Still Contains Anti-Safety Provisions

Yesterday, December 2, 2015, Congress released a report detailing the results of the bicameral agreement reached concerning the terms of the surface transportation reauthorization bill commonly known as the “Drive” Act or the “FAST Act” (“Fixing America’s Surface Transportation”). The original House and Senate proposals for the Act included a number of anti-safety provisions which […]

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The DRIVE Act Still Contains Multiple Anti-Safety Provisions

12/3/15 Update: “The FAST Act” Still Contains Anti-Safety Provisions Members of the United States Congress are currently negotiating the final language of a transportation bill known as “the DRIVE Act.” This legislation will have a major impact on everyone using our nations’ roadways in the years to come. The terms of the Act have been […]

Investigation Reveals Poor Safety Record for Trucking Company Involved in Tragic Fatal Crash in Georgia

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, five nursing students from Georgia Southern University were tragically killed in a crash with a tractor trailer just outside of Savannah.Unfortunately, the investigation into the accident has revealed that the trucking company involved has a questionable safety/violation history. John Wayne Johnson, the 55 year old trucker from Shreveport, Louisiana, who was recently confirmed […]

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Technology Can Improve Trucking Safety

Trucking companies now have access to technologies which can dramatically improve the safety of their operation, safe on fuel costs, and provide accurate feedback concerning the conduct of their drivers.  For example, products like “Smartdrive” utilize a multi-camera computer interface to simultaneously capture video footage of the driver’s actions within the cab of the truck […]

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Documentation Which Should Exist in Every Driver Qualification File

The trucking industry is heavily regulated.  Unfortunately, those very regulations, which exist to insure the safety of the motoring public (that’s you, me and everyone else on the road), are frequently ignored by trucking companies, large and small, often with devastating results.  When a person is injured in a crash with a tractor trailer, the […]

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Trucking Industry Group Asks FMCSA to Remove Carrier Safety Rating Data from Public View – What Are They Afraid Of?

Data reflecting a motor carrier’s safety history is presently available to the general public by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The FMCSA generates a carrier’s score through this data, compiled in its “Safety Measurement System” (SMS), which incorporates the results of roadside inspections and other safety-based violations – also known as  “Compliance, Safety, […]

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FMCA Considers Increasing Mandatory Insurance Coverage Limits

As a trucking attorney and consumer safety advocate, I am pleased to report that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) has recently announced that it is considering a rulemaking to increase the minimum levels of financial responsibility for interstate motor carriers, as well as rulemaking pertaining to broker and freight forwarders, trip insurance, bus […]


FMCSA Proposes Use of Electronic Logbooks to Improve Efficiency and Enhance Safety of the Commercial Trucking & Bussing Industries

Despite federally mandated limits on the number of hours commercial drivers are permitted to work on a daily/weekly basis, impaired driving, including fatigue-related impairment, continues to be a principal cause of serious accidents.  In fact, driver impairment was specifically identified as a factor in more than 15,000 truck/bus crashes in 2012 alone. Commercial drivers are […]