Ever hear a story and say to yourself “that can’t be true”?  I had that experience recently while reading the news.

Reports out of Jersey City, NJ reveal that five passengers aboard a NJ Transit bus were injured when the bus was struck by a dump truck.  Amazingly, when the bus driver honked at the

Bus accident victims often suffer significant injuries which may be caused in part due to a lack of seat belts.  I recently represented a woman who was seriously injured when the bus she was occupying was struck in the rear by another bus.  The woman sustained a serious brain injury when she was thrown from her seat within the bus.  Evidence in that case showed that the striking bus was negligent for its failure to keep a safe distance from the bus in front of it.
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Recently, in Pennsylvania as well as other states throughout the country, there have been numerous school bus accidents which have resulted in serious injuries and death. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a motorcyclist was killed after a collision with a school bus on March 22, 2012. And in Burlington County, New Jersey, an 11-year old girl was killed in a school bus accident on February 17, 2012.
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