WABC in New York reports that an East Harlem crossing guard has been suspended after a tractor-trailer struck and killed a 6 year old boy as he walked to school with his 10 year old brother.  The tragic accident reportedly occurred around 8:00 am at the corner of East 117th Street and First Avenue, where the crossing guard in question is generally stationed.  Crossing guards are allowed short breaks but must log in the times they leave and return, however the guard was not present at the time of the incident and she had not logged her whereabouts in accordance with standard procedure

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One common cause of accidents involving tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles is cargo falling into the roadway from the vehicle’s bed or trailer. Proper securement of cargo is crucial to the safe operation of a heavy truck. When loads shift or spill, the results are often deadly.

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Watch the actions of drivers.  Report misconduct, violations and poor driving behaviors.

Many trucking companies post 1-800 numbers on their vehicles which permit you to report misconduct and poor driving behaviors.  These are the “how am I doing” hotlines that we see most every day.  If you see a problem, report it!

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The trucking industry is a VERY BIG business in the United States.

What does this have to do with the risks tractor trailers present to us?  
Simple: The pursuit of profit is what motivates big businesses, including the trucking industry. Safe practices cost money and manpower to implement. While cutting safety programs and manpower may increase profits, when big trucking companies cut back on safety, we all lose.

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The reality and dangers of rear-end crashes involving commercial vehicles surfaced this morning when I, like many other commuters, was stopped in traffic on northbound Interstate 95 in Lawrence Township as a result of a fatal, rear-end collision involving a tractor-trailer and two vehicles.

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A tractor trailer overturned on westbound I-78 in Bethlehem Twp, NJ at approximately 1:00 am on July 18, 2012, when the driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel.  The reason the driver fell asleep has not been disclosed.  For more information on this accident, and to view pictures from the accident, click here.

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